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Our mission is simple. At Salt & Light Orthodontics, we’re a family serving families in Irvine. We’re here to help patients of every age get the care they need for a healthy, confident smile. Our goal is to serve our community with the highest level of care, and empower our friends and neighbors from all walks of life to smile brightly and proudly.

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Meet Dr. Stephanie Purnomo

Dr. Purnomo grew up in the bay area, but ultimately could not resist Southern California’s weather or its people! This includes her husband Dr. Yoon, who happens to be an expert tooth mover too. Dr. P spent her college years at UC Irvine where she studied Developmental and Cell Biology. She then went on to the University of California, San Francisco to earn both her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, and her master's in orthodontics and oral/craniofacial sciences.

During dental school, Dr. P took part in managing UCSF’s weekly homeless health clinic. It was these one-on-one interactions and memories that shaped her personalized, holistic approach to care today. Doctors are rigorously trained to provide exceptional dental services, but at the end of the day, teeth belong to people. People of different backgrounds, with families, hobbies, histories, and all sorts of interesting stories to share. Orthodontics is just a small piece of a much bigger picture, and she truly believes that work is more fun and meaningful when friendships are built over the months or years it takes to straighten smiles.

Academically, Dr. P has been recognized for her scholastic achievements, service to the community, and leadership through many awards, including the Elizabeth Gardner Award– a prestigious award presented annually to one student in the graduating dental class. With her research background in 3D analyses of the head and neck, and having practiced in different clinical settings, Dr. P continues to grow in her understanding of how proper nasal breathing can positively impact orthodontic tooth positions, skeletal formation, and overall health.

Outside the office, Dr. P is happiest when she’s in the woods camping and backpacking. Some of her favorite spots include Big Basin National Park, the Lost Coast Trail, Santa Cruz mountains, and Zion National Park. In the winter season, you can find her on the slopes, but beware– She is definitely a novice skier! She loves to cook and is constantly searching for new recipes to challenge and excite her culinary passion.

Dr. Stephanie Purnomo in Irvine
Dr Stephan Yoon

Treatment With A Personal Touch

Meet Dr. Stephan Yoon

Dr. Yoon’s childhood was split between Korea and Southern California. He attended UC Berkeley where he studied Molecular Cell Biology, then went on to Harvard to earn his doctorate of dental medicine degree. Finally, he finished his training at UC San Francisco, where he not only graduated with a master's degree in orthodontics, but also met his wife! After practicing in the Bay Area for many years, Dr. Yoon has now returned home to Orange County, and could not be happier!

Dr. Yoon is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. He has also been awarded numerous scholarships, including the I.L. Chiakoff Award in Neurobiology and Harvard summer fellowship. He has been recognized for excellence in research, and has published his work in well recognized dental journals. Most importantly, he commits himself to serving his community at home, church, and abroad, providing dental care on various mission trips in Honduras and Guatemala.

In his spare time, Dr. Yoon is a known outdoor and sports enthusiast. He loves rock climbing, tennis, snowboarding, and has participated in multiple triathlons and Spartan races. He has a gift for music and played guitar in his youth group’s worship band. He also enjoys documenting daily life, travels, and gastronomic treats created by Dr. P through photography.

Teamwork founded in friendship

Meet our stellar staff

Each one of our team members brings so much to the team, and are always happy to lend a helping hand. If there's ever anything we can do to help you feel more comfortable in our care or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of these friendly faces.

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Your consultation at our Irvine practice will take approximately one hour. After a quick tour of our office, the doctors will take an in-depth look at your bite and smile. They will perform a visual exam of your mouth, check the alignment of your teeth and jaws, and assess your overall facial balance using 3D imaging tools. These x-rays and scans are essential for getting a complete picture of your orthodontic health.

After this, they will have an honest discussion with you about your orthodontic needs, if any. They will ask questions about your smile, goals, health history, and create a customized treatment plan just for you! Having compiled all of your diagnostic information, they will be able share: 1) If you would benefit from orthodontic treatment 2) The right time to start (sometimes, we may wait for more adult teeth to grow in, and other times, we may want to coordinate restorative treatment with your general dentist who quarterbacks your dental care!) and 3) The approximate time frame and estimated cost of treatment.

There’s no pressure to commit to your plan right away, so feel free to take your time and think it over. Once you’re ready to get started, our team will help you book the necessary appointments and take the first steps toward the smile of your dreams.

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